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What is HARB Ski Systems

Harb Ski Systems is your one-stop provider for skiing improvement. Whatever your skiing goals, from developing confidence on beginner slopes to skiing all conditions and slopes with speed and efficiency, you need the right technique and equipment. Harb Ski Systems has the information, services, and products that will help you ski better, including...

* First time to our web site? Welcome! Start here!

*Ski Camps - the fastest way to learn PMTS Direct ParallelĀ®, customize your equipment, and make sure you're on track for further improvement. Join other motivated and enthusiastic skiers in small groups with highly-trained coaches. PMTS Direct ParallelĀ® is biomechanically accurate, tested, and proven to yield immediate results for effective learning.

 *A full-service ski shop. We can customize your equipment to meet your fit and alignment needs, or we have full lines of equipment if you are ready to upgrade. We ski with 90% of the skiers whose alignment we set up in the shop. There's no guesswork; we know the results we produce in our shop will bring balance and ease of movement to our skiers.

*Instructional books and DVDs. With three of the most far-reaching and ground-breaking ski instruction books published in the last two decades, Harb Ski Systems demonstrates its leadership in the world of ski teaching. We have books and DVDs featuring our proprietary PMTS Direct ParallelĀ® technique for every level of skier.

*Harb Carvers. We invented this tool as a substitute for skiing that is inexpensive, close to the feel and movement of skiing, and that can be done without snow.

Latest Article

Here's a series of videos that will teach you how to use your Harb Carvers. Even if you have not used inline skates or ice skates, these videos will help you succeed by starting with the fundamentals and progressing gradually through technique and terrain. Feel free to download them and load them onto a tablet or smartphone so that you can bring them with you when you practice.

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E : ask.us@harbskisystems.com P : +1-303-567-0679

Most Popular Article

Slantboard Training - start here!

With a slantboard you can practice a lot of skiing movements in the warmth and comfort of your home. If you can watch a full-size mirror while you practice, you'll learn more quickly and be able to identify performance difficulties or asymmetries. Practice exercises are below.

Start by making your own slantboard. The drawing below shows how to make an adjustable angle board, so that you can start at a gentle angle and progress to a steeper angle. It is based on US-standard lumber sizes. You can vary the dimensions somewhat according to the supplies you have on hand. The model here provides two angles: approximately 10 degrees and 15 degrees.

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